Egyptians considered lapis to be a royal stone. The stone is opaque; predominantly royal blue with flecks of gold pyrite. It was said to be a stone reflecting friendship, truth, love and protection. It soothes, promotes mental clarity and emotional healing, increases the power of judgment, and brings wisdom and protection in every respect.


We intend to lead by example and to foster the same values and passion in our staff, through training, regular updates & ‘clinical supervision’. (A form of regular, facilitated review of work, either individually or in groups about what has and hasn’t worked well)


We believe that as trained nurses and abiding by the Nursing & Midwifery Code of Conduct, that we will be able to provide the highest possible standard of care and to ‘make the complicated easy’


All the time we are engaged with a client’s care there will be an open dialogue between all involved including both the positive and negative to enable us to continue to work together for you (or your relative)

Lapis Care, based in Waltham Chase, Hampshire, is a small independent care provider owned and run by Liz Blacklock Registered Manager BSc (open), RGN, EN (G) and Hazel Daniel RGN, EN (G).


Until very recently I worked as a practice nurse and Hazel still currently works for the NHS. Together we have over 50 years combined experience in nursing, we believe in ‘traditional' nursing, having trained in the last century-but not quite with Florence Nightingale!


At the same time we embrace lifelong learning, evidence based practice and the regular revalidation of our skills and knowledge. We pride ourselves on being nurses who believe that a client having their care needs carried out to their choice and to the highest standard is the cornerstone of excellent care.


Our core values express what we at Lapis stand for and how we conduct ourselves as an organisation. Our staff and clients have developed six core values which live at the heart of Lapis.








With our dedicated and passionate team of professionals, Lapis Care will be a respected name within the Health and Social Care industry. We will provide a full range of in-home healthcare services and collaborate with the wider multi-disciplinary team, ensuring that patients may transition to the community in the knowledge that their health, safety and well-being will receive excellent care in a seamless manner. Lapis Care will focus on employee excellence through ongoing and thorough education and attain exceptional customer satisfaction by carefully matching care to a client’s needs.



  • We are committed to your care. Everything we do is designed to preserve the dignity and quality of life in each individual"



Highly qualified and caring staff, here to look after your needs.




Owner & Registered Manager

Liz has over 30 years of nursing experience over mixed clinical settings. She has an exceptional moral and ethic code, enabling her to maintain the highest of professional standards and behaviour. Liz also has an irrepressible sense of fun (often at Hazels expense) combined with the drive and determination to get the job done. She will leave no stone unturned to solve a problem. She has compassion and understanding for people, especially those at the end of their life, delivered with kindness care and empathy.  She is a powerful advocate for Lapis Clients by drawing on on her wealth of experience and knowledge in Palliative care and Primary Health care nursing and other mixed clinical settings. Liz  studied for her degree with the Open University later in life and liked the irony of gaining a bachelor of science as this was never her strongest subject at school. Liz has always harboured a desire to become an entrepreneur...The quickest way for Liz to achieve something is to tell her it can’t be done!



Hazel has been a registered nurse for some 30 years and was until recently working in the NHS as a clinical nurse specialist for Multiple Sclerosis.

Within this role, Hazel was passionate about being consistent, informative and knowledgeable in her approach to her patients. As part of her role Hazel advised and supported her patients in making alterations and adaptations within the home to support their condition, thereby enabling them to continue living at home safely, comfortably and sometimes independently. Additionally, she supported the families and friends of those affected by MS. Hazel has been a registered nurse prescriber and during her time as a hospital nurse was part of the advanced life support team responding to emergencies around the hospital.

Hazel has a lifelong obsession with tennis and will be found glued to her TV screen during Wimbledon fortnight, or any other tennis competition you care to mention!


Owner & Financial Director

Graeme founded Lapis with his wife Liz and Hazel. He has spent 35 years in the financial industry comprising 8 years in the NHS and 27 years in industry. Graeme is very proud of the enthusiastic and dedicated team at Lapis and has a strong desire to grow and expand the company, making Lapis a recognised and respected service provider within the care industry. Graeme likes to think he is a mid-life silver surfer and is also a long-suffering Middlesbrough football supporter (Liz says she is even more long-suffering!).



Kay is our Administrator and has previously worked in the Royal Air Force and in General Practice as an administrator to the GPs for 12 years. Although only with us a short while, Kay already feels part of the Lapis 'family', finding everyone at Lapis friendly, approachable and caring. She also loves the commitment of everyone. In her spare time, Kay is also a qualified nail technician and in her younger days was the North East Rock 'n' Roll Champion for two years running!



Sharon has been in the care industry for 30 years and joined Lapis in July 2016. Sharon always knew she wanted to help others, having thought she was Florence Nightingale at school, helping friends when they had accidents, She is passionate about her work at Lapis and looks forward to seeing her colleagues and clients, who she also thinks of as friends. In her spare time, Sharon likes to spend her time with family and her two dogs and is also working towards her BTEC Level 3 Health & Social Care apprenticeship.



Ruth is one of our volunteers and has been with Lapis since the beginning. Previously Ruth was a qualified nurse, which she gave up when her children arrived. Ruth has also volunteered for various charities, during which time she has gained experience in filling in disability  benefit claim forms. She is also working towards a Health Science Degree with the Open University. Ruth loves meeting new people and being able to help people receive the benefits that they deserve.



Kate has worked in the care industry for over 7 years and loves what she does. She says that working for Lapis is particularly rewarding and she loves the support and friendliness that she gets from her colleagues. Kate likes spending time with her family and friends in her spare time.


Care Manager

Katie has been in the care industry for the last 11 years, specialising in 'person centred care' and 'care planning'. Katie particularly likes that Lapis is a personal team and that every client is well known and their wishes listened to as well as giving her a good work/life balance. She loves that she is able to make a difference to other peoples lives. In her younger days, Katie was a keen competitive horse rider, but these days like to help out at her local scout group.


Senior Carer

Maggie as been a carer for over 40 years and has achieved and NVQ Level 2 Care, BTEC Levels 3 & 5 in Health & Social Care, which is equivalent to a degree. She also has qualifications in counselling and social service skills and has worked with most diseases and disabilities. She enjoys working with people and is very passionate about her work. Maggie enjoys being part of the Lapis team, especially as she is appreciated and says it is the best thing she has ever done. She hopes to be able to continue in what she is doing for many years and to help more new carers along the way.



Vicky studied Health & Social Care at College, gaining a BTEC and has worked in the care industry for 10 years. She loves working at Lapis as she says it gives her the freedom to provide the care people deserve. Vicky loves that her clients are genuinely happy to see her and puts this down to showing them the respect they deserve. When Vicky is not working, she likes to go 'geocaching' which is a world-wide treasure hunt!


Senior Carer

Alison has been working in the care industry for 7 years, mainly with clients who have complex needs, ie lifelong illness, multiple sclerosis,etc. Alison enjoys working with the clients and finds it rewarding being able to help those in need of care and hopefully brighten up their day. Alison is also a qualified hairdresser and In her spare time Alison enjoys watching rugby, reading and cooking.



Christine has worked in primary care for the last 18 years, both in clinical care as a Health Care Assistant and non-clinical care as a Receptionist and Reception Manager at at GP Surgery. She lives by the motto "if a job is worth doing, it's worth doing well" and tries to carry this through in her work. In her spare time Christine likes to do Pilates and has previously won a host of medals in disco dancing!



You will benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience as registered nurses, and the professionalism that is integral to our practice. All of these values are instilled in our care team.


Our approach is as unique as you, we will carry out an initial visit to introduce ourselves, tell you about our company, charges and how we work. If you are happy we will visit you again to carry out a thorough assessment of your needs, all free of charge, before agreeing with you a date and the times for your care to start.


Our approach is to treat you as we would wish to be treated ourselves, and these are the values instilled in our care team. After a two week trial of care if care we meet again to ensure all parties are happy and you sign your contract with us.


With our many years of nursing behind us, we are in a unique position to provide a bespoke service and a tailor made care package for our clients.

We instil in our carefully selected staff the same values of listening, responding and pro-actively empowering our clients, that we have as nurses.


We believe in sharing our knowledge and experience with our staff to enable them to care for you as we would like to be cared for ourselves

We can offer advice and support on the complex issues surrounding long term health conditions and those who are reaching the end of their lives; including support with benefit forms, assessing capacity and accessing specialist services.


Liz and Hazel continue to maintain their registration with the Nursing Midwifery Council and so can support clients with selective health care needs and signpost them to the appropriate services.


Out of curiosity, we thought we would tot up the combined experience of our staff. The total comes to an impressive 224.5 years! This is a mixture of administrative and care and includes both Liz and Hazel having over 60 years of nursing experience [between them] within a diverse range of clinical settings, including surgical primary Health care, palliative care and long term health conditions.


As nurses, we practice holistic care, looking at the whole person not ‘just Mr A who needs a wash at 10am’.  All our carers embrace our beliefs and values in holistic care.



We will support you to access the community, to attend activities of your choosing to the best of our abilities.


We like to be innovative In our approach and where possible find a solution to difficulties our clients may have. For instant  we have inserted a special multi-functional personalised  alarm into a client’s home, who is affected by dementia and has short term memory problems.


All of us have business insurance which enables us to accompany you to any GP, hospital appointments or social arrangements that you may have.


We will work with you to solve a problem as best we can. We will be flexible within the rules and regulations that bind us.  Flexibility covers a diverse range from the day to day operations to what your personalised care package details. We work within our professional boundaries always and pride ourselves on being open and honest with you and any problems you may encounter. We have a team approach and look to how we solve a problem together with you to accommodate any variances but will also tell you when this is not possible and why and work with you to look at alternative resolutions. Although we have regular care reviews, the laws of nature decree that not everything observes  pre- determined time frames. Subsequently if you feel you would like or need a care package review or further discussion because your circumstances have changed, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will do our level best to accommodate you as soon as possible where our capacity allows.


We understand and appreciate how difficult it is to have someone come into your home and carry out whatever care you require.

We understand the difficulties people can face in needing care and what can be perceived as a loss of independence. We will be sensitive to your needs and to those of your family whilst continuing to work within our professional boundaries and within the scope of the care package we are delivering to you.


We have the appropriate business insurance for the Company.


All staff are DBS (CRB) checked and statuses regularly reviewed.

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